Stylesmall - Dishonest business practices

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Beware, this is deceitful and dishonest online store.I mistakenly ordered the wrong item, within minutes I emailed them to change/cancel the order, as I received no email confirmation of my original order.

When I did receive confirmation of my order with a status that it has not shipped, I filled out their form to cancel the order. Again, no response until it was too late. They said they don't check the cancellations everyday and that my order has already shipped. I emailed them back and said I will refuse the order when it arrives.

They responded that if I refuse the package it would be lost. I asked them for correct address, they gave me an address and I confirmed that I would ship the package that day. By the time I got the the post office, it was closed. The next day, they sent an email saying they never gave me that return address and that my package would be lost.

I sent another email asking why I was given an address and then told that they never gave me that address. They didn't respond to my inquiry. I emailed again asking for confirmation of the return address. They gave me the same address that they told me was incorrect.

In summary, it costs me $20.00 with postage and $12.90 they charged for refund fees.

They pick and choose which emails to respond to its profitable for them.I noticed that they changed the name from to

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Stylesmall - Fake fake fake - they sell fakes!

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Ordered GHD ('authentic') flat iron ---- received a fake. Do not waste your time or money dealing with this fraudulent company.

They sell knockoffs - do some research & you will find out the truth.

What a scam!

After repeated attempts to return, I continued to be assured the product was authentic --- even though GHD itself told me that stylesmall sells counterfeit products & they are working to get their website removed. The GHD brand is highly reputable & I will continue to buy from them, but do not be fooled by stylesmall's claim to selling 100% authentic CHI, GHD, etc products.

Buy directly from the source - it's a shame, but there are thieves and rip off artists out there.

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Just ordered 2 Chi straighteners.Supposed to be 1" they sent 2".

The on/off button is wired backwards. You have to set it to off to turn it on.

No paperwork or receipt of any kind in the box.

I can't get in touch to send the product back.

Bad people

Stylesmall - Comits fraud by advertising they are CHI authorized dealer

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My grand daughter asked me for a CHI flat iron for Xmas.I surfed the web looking for the best price and found that the same item can sell from $50.- $150.depending on which website your on.When I went to STYLESMALL.COM I typed in CHI flat iron, the page came up and that site has one of the LOWEST prices on the internet.

The same web page has the CHI logo saying they are a authorized CHI dealer of CHI products. I found that strange to be selling the product so cheap and being an authorized dealer. Usually it's the reverse at least that's what I found in the past.I called Farouk the maker of CHI products and asked them why there was such a big difference of prices on the internet? They told me and ANYONE who reads this can check for them self.There are many FAKE CHI products being sold on the internet claiming to be authentic CHI products AND if ANYONE buys a CHI product ONLINE the warranty from Farouk is VOID!

Even if you buy from Amazon, Folica etc.It even tells you in the warranty if you buy online their warranty is void.I also was told NOBODY ONLINE is a authorized dealer of CHI products NOBODY period! If you buy it from a reliable brick and mortar store OR beauty salon the warranty is valid.I sent an email to and asked them about claiming to be authorized.Their answer was to check other websites and finally told me they are to busy and they have no obligation to answer my questions AND that I am a VERY BAD shopper! Two days ago I reported them to the BBB. I am waiting on their reply it takes up to 30 days for the BBB to respond.

There are a few more on the internet claiming to be authorized CHI dealers is just one of them but this company is the one I tried to get an answer from. I FOUND THE PHONE NUMBER it's a cell phone and when you call it says leave a message then it says mailbox full! BUYER BEWARE!!!

I hope this information helps someone!JG NEW YORK

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I ordered what I thought was a genuine Babybliss straightening iron from Amazon, thought they would have authorized dealers.Wrong!

Only reason I did this because I could not find one at any hair salon in my area, even asked if they would order me in one, none would.

Was sent an obvious counterfeit.Have sent it back hopefully will get my money back.

#523082 is a rip off.Do not buy your CHI iron from them, I did, it stopped working exactly 1year and 1 week from purchase date.

They basically told me to bad, my 1 year warranty was up, nothing they could do.CHI will not repair it because Folica is NOT an authorized dealer...I have owned 1 other CHI iron prior to this one and it lasted me for 5 years until I dropped it, it was purchased from a salon.Stay away from unless you want to be ripped off.


I buy lots of stuff online, but mostly from Amazon and other reliable dealers.My wife wanted a CHI flat iron for her birthday so I just got online and found the cheapest.

I forgot the cardinal rule of doing due diligence on the seller (to my shame and regret). We received the CHI ? thing today and my first unease was when the package was not sealed and the little flaps looked bent and worn not flat and smooth. On opening the box I saw that the plastic "holster" with suction cup feet was all beat up and scratched and dusty.

Then the rest was obviously not factory fresh. The top of the flat iron was scuffed and scarred and there was some piece of crud UNDER the LED so you can't clean it out of the way.

They didn't even try to make it seem new.What a RIP!


I also ordered a babyliss nano titanium flat iron from Stylesmall.It took almost 3 weeks for my product to arrive and it is obviously a knock off too.

It is scratched and was even very dusty!

I am expecting it won't last long.I don't know how they get away with this, but I too will be reporting them to the BBB!




i ordered a chi from this company just got it today and its broken wont even turn on. tried to call imformation to get phone number in texas they showed no such company no imfo on their website to contact them either paid with debit card ive been had!


Well, I learned my lesson.I bought a Babyliss Pro Titanium.

It was a knock off or defective. Either way it was a piece of junk. I as to return it, the refunded me minus a 25% restocking fee. They won't give me an address to return the junk. least I'm only out $30 bucks.

Oh,'s 2012 and they are still in business.:eek


:) I ONLY buy from "stores" the old fashion way. The crooks come out at night aka net Ebay should be shut down. Yet Ebay enjoys huge profits.

Also, beware discount stores like Wal-mart & Target also they carry knock offs.

as a society we should stop being lazy and quit supporting these criminal enterprises.

Just the other day I listened to a friend brag about all the great deals on Hi tech toys he bought online. They were all fakes and broke the first day.

remember online is either Fakes or stolen items or somebody's junk


Stylesmall Is all bad ....I bought a straightner chi and it's Fake!!!!!!!!do not buy their products!!!!!!


StyleMall Store is fraudulent. My chi quit working and they claimed they had just bought website and told me to contact previous merchant!!


I purchased two (one for each of my nieces) at Christmas.One of them lasted about two months and the other one quit working about a month or two ago.

I did not even get a response when I conctacted Stylesmall.I finally just went to JCPenney and bought two more.

Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, Thailand #260849

I also bought 2 chi flat irons for my nieces for xmas..they BOTH quit working..What a rip off this place is..

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #244114

I'm right there with you Laura.I purchased the 2" CHI and it worked for one week!

I too found the kitchen product site and nothing else.I am usually a very savvy, cautious buyer, but I guess I got "scammed" this time.


I ordered one for my niece for Christmas it has already stopped working I can't even find their web page now


>>> WIKI...WIKI...

ALERT :eek

Did you know there is a dirty little top secret :? Some Big Name Brand hair OEM's sell their own replica's and rejects on the black market knowingly???...

it's called "Gray Market Leveraging" this way they have the people who cant afford full retail price covered and they don't hurt there precious image selling their 300% market up "Made In China" products toVo to make you think you get what you pay for with no greedy wast :cry


>>>People always say that some flat irons last longer then others?, it really has nothing to do with how much it cost or what brand it is, but we have to say that the newer flat irons on the market due to companies cutting back because of the getting much worst economy may knowingly be using cheaper Chinese components now,Or they may not even know that the Chinese OEM manufacture making some American companies products are doing it behind their backs so they can save money too;), that's the price customers are now paying because the owners of big Corporate American brand name companies have sold out America to greed and higher profit by dealing with the communist PRC in the first place, now it's the Devil being seen in the details and the working class Americans and our Once Great "Made In USA" country has to suffer because of it,Made In America??, really Made in China, or Made In America with foreign parts, confusing right?, "Made in America" should be 100% made in USA and companies should never of been allowed to deceive the consumers by saying USA company brand, they got away with it for to long and knew no one C.A.R.E.D to see the truth, in the beginning, when made in America went to China it was all slave labor and not regulated,I guess we all have partaken in the buSINess some not even knowing, but we can't blame China for all this DEBACLE we are all in, they just where trying to keep up with the low price guarantee demand.

May peace be with us all... and hopefully 100% made in America is the new export demand again too:)

Alex Jones V 2012 President


I bought the item from this website, it's working well.The price is the best price I can ever find on the internet.

Smokeyjoe made the complaint without buying any item from the website. How can she report something that she did't see at all.

She is the competitor of hair straightener sales.She is worked for


I received my order from compared it with the old one I bought from local hair salon.

it's exactly the same and it works great. I called the cell phone, they said their company is bankrupt and they sell the remaining goods by under cost price for clearance. So actually we got bonus. My friends bought the CHI from these websites,,

The items from these two website are differnt from what bought from local salon.So be careful.


I bought one from this website, and found it's refurbised one, but it's working great, and the price is really good, so I have nothing to complain.

Beresfield, New South Wales, Australia #232749

The only thing I would tell everybody is, when shopping online you have to remember to checkout EVERY company BEFORE you send them your money ESPECIALLY if the companies that we don't know!When dealing with companies like Sears,Amazon, Macy's etc.

chances are you will have no problem BUT these other companies, BUYER BEWARE!!!Good luck in the future....



my mom bought me one two and mine did the samething. and she has tried to email them and no one will email her back.


Too late for me and my daughter!Chi worked once day after Christmas.

When I tried to find out how to return, WEBSITE NO LONGER THERE!!Well it is there, just as a kitchen products site-since I made my payment through Paypal, gonna see if they will do something...Guess when it says too good to be true--it just is....unfortunate

Beresfield, New South Wales, Australia #228739

I only found a cell phone number that came from MO.I contacted the BBB there and after a couple of weeks their reply to me was this company is in China and they cannot do anything about it.

I then asked them to trace the cell number in MO. and find that person.

The BBB never got back to me.Sorry that I didn't have better news.


Unfortunately, I read this too late.I've received one and wanted to return - they actually did respond to my emails in the beginning but once I told them that I read your posting, no further response.

Curious how you could complain to the BBB because I can't find their business name in the database.

If you receive notification of my posting, will you please advise.Thanks

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